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 Advanced Shoulder, Knee and Orthopedic Clinic



"After shoulder surgery, I feel 100% better.  Before the surgery, I had 10/10 pain. Now I am pain free and able to move my arm a lot more." - AR, 51, Paterson, NJ
"After struggling with constant knee pain for a year, I was off pain killers and without pain four days after surgery.  I am now able to play sports that I had been able to play for a year." - JJ, 21, Englewood, NJ
"I could not sleep at night because of pain from my right shoulder rotator cuff tear. Nothing worked including pain killers and physical therapy.  My shoulder surgery completely changed my life.  Now I am able to sleep at night and use my shoulder without a constant reminder that there is a rotator cuff tear." - DP, 53, Fort Lee, NJ

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